The Verge of Hypothermia

If you know me, this post should come as no surprise. I am always cold. I carry a sweater everywhere I go and complain the second the temperature goes below 50°F. Even so, I willingly decided to come to university in Scotland, hoping that I would eventually adjust. Almost three years later and I still haven’t acclimatized. After a very warm Christmas under the Kenyan sun, I am not handling the Scottish winter very well. I’ve only been back for a week but I can barely remember what the sun looks like (I’ve asked everyone at home to send me pictures of it) and shivering has become second nature. My outfit yesterday consisted of thermal tights, jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, a jumper, my warmest coat, a huge scarf, fuzzy socks, knee-high boots, a hat, and gloves. I was still freezing. Hopefully, I’ll get used to the weather soon (haha) but until then I have an excuse to stay inside, wear my comfiest robe, and drink a million cups of tea.

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