10 Facts

This blog is supposed to be a window into my life but I haven’t really included much information about myself. In an attempt to rectify this, here are 10 random facts about me.

1.  My dog is my best friend

Anyone who knows me knows that this isn’t an exaggeration. Milo owns my heart. Honestly, I only go home to visit him.

2.  I used to be obsessed with Justin Bieber 

Obsessed is probably an understatement. Imagine me in a JBiebs shirt, never say never bracelet, and future Mrs. Bieber necklace. Purple became my second favorite color. I watched Never Say Never in the theater 13 times. My parents spent more money than they should have on concert tickets and CDs. Thankfully, I’ve outgrown this obsession but a part of me will always be a Bieleber.

3. I move a lot 

Don’t ask me where I’m from unless you’re ready to hear a very long explanation. I normally say I’m from everywhere and nowhere but people rarely accept that. My family is Zambian but we’ve been moving since I was 3. My accent makes everyone assume that I’m American, which is true to some extent. I somehow found myself in Scotland for university while my family was living in Sydney. Asking me which place I consider home is very complicated. In all honesty, I don’t have strong ties to any specific place. Home is more of a feeling than a location.

4. My family is huge

Another understatement. I couldn’t list all of my family members if my life depended on it. I grew up surrounded by a million cousins, aunts, and uncles. Our house was never quiet but it was always fun.

5. My little sister is the best 

I will probably regret saying this but my sister is pretty great. She’s 12 going on 21 and the biggest character you’ll ever meet. A lot of the time, I’m more of a second mum than a sister. I’m the annoying person who reminds her to do her homework and nags her about cleaning her room. I’m also the person who bakes her cupcakes at 3 am, goes to all of her recitals and plays, and helps her avoid getting in trouble with our actual mum. As she’s gotten older we’ve definitely gotten closer and I’ve learned to appreciate her more.

6. I’m the clumsiest person

There is no surface I can’t trip on. I’ve mastered falling up and down the stairs. Shockingly, I haven’t broken a bone yet but random cuts and bruises no longer come as a surprise.

7. I’m terrified of chickens

Strange right? Everyone makes fun of me because I am deathly afraid of chickens. When we used to visit my grandparent’s farm, I would stay inside until the chickens were couped up. I like to think I’ve gotten better but I still prefer not to be around them.

8. I’m an extroverted introvert 

Most people assume I’m an extrovert even though I’ve always considered myself an introvert. In all honesty, I’m probably somewhere in the middle.People both invigorate and drain me. I’m always trying to find the perfect balance between being alone enough and not getting lonely.

9. Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, and Grey’s Anatomy are my go to shows 

Of course, I have other favorite shows but these three have a special place in my heart. I’ve watched all of them more times than I care to admit. They never fail to pick me up. If you haven’t watched them, you need to ASAP.

10. I love kids

If you ever need a babysitter, I’m your girl. I adore kids. Ever since I was little, I’ve told everyone how much I want to be a mummy. I’m definitely happier in a room full of kiddies than I am in a room of people my age. Their lightheartedness and curiosity never fail to make me smile.

7 thoughts on “10 Facts”

  1. I live in Los Angeles (lots of sidewalks and little nature) And the other day I was walking a dog and ran into a chicken just chilling on the sidewalk. I didn’t even know what to do what I was seeing. But I was scared too because it was a crazy city chicken. Thanks for sharing all those fun facts. This is my first time on your blog, but I feel like I really got to know you.

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