In Loving Memory

In loving memory of a life well lived and a dog so loved. 


I wasn’t always Milo’s favorite. He spent his first week with us following my sister around and crying for his parents. When he realized that he was stuck with us (and after a considerable amount of bribing), Milo decided that I was his best friend. From then on he became my shadow. You could always find him by my side and he wouldn’t let anyone else get too close. Milo always picked me up for the airport and waited for me at the gate. It didn’t matter how long I was gone, he always celebrated my return. His loyalties weren’t just reserved for me. Milo decided that he was going to protect the whole family, even if it meant “attacking” dogs, and people, three times his size. He never let his small size stop him from accomplishing his goals. In fact, I don’t think he ever realized how small he was. Milo brought so much joy and laughter to our home. Everybody loved him. He never failed to cheer us up when everything was going wrong. He was truly our light at the end of the tunnel. 

On April 27, 2019, we gained a guardian angel. His last day was spent doing what he loved with some of the people he loved most. I don’t know why Milo was taken from us. I’ll never understand why the accident happened and I’ll always be sad that I wasn’t there with him. As much as it hurts, I’m so grateful that Milo had a happy life. He got to chase the birds and the butterflies, explored both beaches and the snow, and made more friends than most people do.  Most importantly, Milo was so loved and he loved us so much. 


8 thoughts on “In Loving Memory”

  1. One might never understand why bad things tend to happen just when all is so well but it’s important to stay positive. Let’s say, keep your mind fresh with good memories you all had with Milo. He was so adorable!

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  2. Losing a favorite pet is a very painful event because they are family to us. So sorry and my condolences over Milo’s demise. You have gained an angel.

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