Summer Highlights

As I sent my sister off to her first day of 8th grade this morning, I had to accept that summer is really coming to an end. I still don’t understand how time has flown by so fast but it really has been an eventful few months. Instead of going through my usual apology for disappearing,  I’ve decided to share a few of my summer highlights and hope that you understand why I’ve been away.

The Netherlands


Before graduation, Jon and I explored The Netherlands for a few days. From walks in Meerkerk to a very windy beach trip in Zandvoort, we had the most amazing time. Of course, we did the standard trip to Amsterdam, which was fabulous, but most of our time was spent in Utrecht. I highly recommend spending at least a couple of nights outside of Amsterdam and seeing what the rest of the country has to offer. Jon’s friend very kindly showed us places that we probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise. A few of my favorite parts of our trip were seeing the windmills in Kinderdijk, going to Amsterdam Tulip Museum, and having brunch at The Streetfood Club.



After graduation, I spent a week in London with some of my best friends from high school. One of our first adventures was having lunch at London in the Sky. We quickly realized that we were all afraid of heights but still had a great time. We also had afternoon tea at the Shangri-la, drinks at Aqua Shard, and a birthday dinner at Sketch. Basically, our entire trip revolved around eating. When we took a break from eating, we explored Covent Garden and reminisced about high school. On one of our last days, we decided to take a day trip to Cardiff.  Because of London traffic and a late start, we ended up only spending 30 minutes in the city. We’ll do better next time.



Of course, my personal favorite activity was a trip to Wimbledon where I got to watch Barty, Federer, Nadal, and Serena and Andy. I also got selfies with several players. It was like Disney World but better. I had so much fun that I dragged Jon back the next weekend so that we could watch the women’s final. I’m still not over Serena’s loss but at least I have the US Open to focus on now.


If you haven’t been to Gulfport, Mississippi, you need to add it to your list immediately.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and the perfect place to relax. I’ve been there a few times, most recently for my god siblings’ baptism, and I always have so much fun. While this trip wasn’t as relaxing as our previous ones, being with 5 kids between 6 years and 10 months means that you’re up early, it was still tons of fun. The heat meant that every day was a pool day and my god siblings made sure that I stayed in shape. They’re honestly better than any gym membership I’ve ever had

Shawn Mendes Concert


Full disclosure, I know maybe 3 Shawn Mendes songs so I was not interested when my sister asked me to take her to his concert. After a lot of begging, I finally agreed and actually had a pretty good time. My favorite part had nothing to do with Shawn, which didn’t impress my sister. The opener, Alessia Cara sang How Far I’ll Go from Moana and I had the time of my life singing along to the only song that I knew the lyrics to. I will admit that Shawn gave a good performance. I almost understood why all the 13-year-old girls were so excited. I also now have a newfound respect for all the times my dad took me to Justin Bieber events.

Chase Sound Check 


I’m going to try my hardest to get through this without fangirling but I make no promises. If you know me or have read a few of my posts then you know how much I love Serena Williams. Last week, I went to New York and finally met her. I still can’t describe the emotions I felt but it was easily one of the best days of my life.



We got a new puppy! As many of you know, we lost Milo a few months ago and even though we’re still grieving, we decided it was time to open our hearts to another. Mocha is 5 months old and already owns my heart. He loves following us around, as long as we don’t climb the stairs, and hearing about his big brother. We’re still working on training him but we’re having so much fun doing it.

Okay, it’s now time for me to promise that I’m going to post more frequently. I’m tired of saying it so I’m sure you guys are tired of hearing it but this time I really I mean it. I start law school on September 23 (crazy, I know) but I’ve already started scheduling posts so that I don’t just disappear again. In the meantime, let me know what your summer highlights have been.



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